ODC's mold program is supported through the in-house manufacture of cut from billet aluminum/steel water cooled or oil/electric heated molds and tooling partner supported cast molds. Whatever your soft goods requirement, ODC has the engineering experience and available staff to assist you bring your next program to completion on time and on budget.


ODC has extensive experience with in-line forming molds and associated cutting tools. ODC has gained this experience over 3 decades servicing the needs of the roll fed thermoformed packaging industry. Many of the practices employed in the packaging industry that utilize roll fed thermoformers are being embraced by forward thinking automotive parts suppliers. The range of products being formed and trimmed on inline systems for the automotive industry grows every year. Parts suppliers are drawn by the labor savings and consistent parts that an inline system can produce. These efficiencies can only be achieved through the use of properly designed and manufactured molds that can keep up to the cooling demands that a faster inline system demands. In the chain cutting of high shrink materials such as HDPE require extensive experience and creative solutions to ensure the trim is not only dimensionally accurate but concentric with the formed part. ODC is pleased to assist experienced and novice users of inline systems.


ODC relies on partner model shops, foundries and cast mold shops to support its customers' cast mold requirements. Our sales engineers will provide early project input to your parts designer on issues related to forming process and trim friendliness. Development of runoff data allowing for the smallest possible blank size will be considered. Cast molds while being cost effective must still perform well in the production environment. These molds require proper design and placement of the cast in cooling lines, creative manifolding strategies, appropriate surface finishes and adequate ventilation to ensure their effectiveness. ODC relies on its considerable engineering strength to deliver cast molds of the highest quality in a timely and cost effective manner.