To give our customers a competitive advantage by building tools that work.



We aspire to be a successful growing company which:


  • Engineers and manufactures custom tooling
  • Is trusted as a world-class organization
  • Creates powerful positive customer experiences
  • Builds strong employees and customers
  • Committed to our partners and community



Our Guiding Principles


ODC values its highly skilled and dedicated staff, utilizing advanced technology, ensuring profitable growth within a global environment.


We respect the following guiding principles…




  • Willing to learn & help
  • Works outside one’s comfort zone
  • Multi-tasks


  • Say what you do; do what you say
  • Follows through on commitment


  • Truthful & upfront
  • Be real




  • Takes ownership of tasks and mistakes
  • Celebrates success


  • Shares ideas and objectives
  • Listens and co-operates with others
  • Team player


  • Encourages and inspires others
  • Supports achievements of others





Trained blacksmith and entrepreneur, Simon Levene, immigrated to Canada with his family in 1923 settling in Waterloo, Ontario. With insight and ambition, he opened a die shop, along with 5 skilled tradesmen, manufacturing the finest cutting dies available.


His son, Jack Levene, took the helm of ODC from 1930 to 1966 proficiently meeting the needs of the growing North American rubber, footwear and leather goods industries. During war time, Jack pivoted ODC to manufacture aircraft, optical instrument, among other custom machined and turned parts. After which he built a new state-of-the-art factory as the company continued to grow and entrench values of superior quality and committed service.


Carried over by third generation Martin Levene from 1966 – 1992, Martin distinguished ODC as an industry leader adapting processes and materials leading the cutting die industry and expanding the company’s interests into the automotive and thermoformed packaging industries.


Today, ODC is led by fourth-generation family member, Ronald Levene, along with his 5th generation sons, Casey and Elli. Together, with their strong committed team and influenced by previous generations, they continue to pursue opportunities of growth including the automated packaging and sealing industries.


Reinforced by ODC's innovative customer focused approach and honoring historical company values, ODC remains a leader in today’s demanding global tooling and packaging industries. The Waterloo, Canada headquarters is supported by its very capable US thermoforming mold facility located in Batavia, Illinois. Expansion continues by the newly formed SelectSeal Packaging Machinery with its technical support center in Sarasota, Florida.